5 Stages Of Grief – Disney Edition

If you are anything like me, an extroverted social butterfly, then you are definitely feeling the effects of this quarantine! I may not be from the Kingdom of Corona like Rapunzel, but there are some similarities…tucked away in her tower. I do have long blonde hair that I cut short and dyed darker for a bit, green eyes, pretty sassy, like to read and clean. I like to watch shiny things…like stars, and I am not afraid to knock you out with a frying pan if I feel the need to do so.

Funny part is I’m actually pretty content on staying in, just binge watching movies or shows, reading a book, relaxing with that Funny Hunny of mine, but on my time.

This nonsense of being forced to stay at home with no comedy shows, no concerts (I’m still taking the breaking of my heart over Blue October postponing pretty tough) restaurants are closed down for dine-in and I can’t go and sit with a hot tea. I’m left to my own thoughts while I write my heart out. The fact that I’m not working nor am I getting paid is also a major downer.

While I’m sure I’m not the only one dealing with the 5 Stages of Grief from this, I wanted to find a way to reach out to all of you lovely and dedicated readers, to let you know that you are not alone! I was given the idea by the lovely Yeskel to put together my own movie list to coincide with what I feel are a few of the Disney movies that can help us get through this tough time.

So, I know that there are generally 7 stages of grief, but I kind of condensed them down because some of them basically go hand in hand. Enjoy!

Stage One – Denial

Movie – The Aristocats

Photo Credit: Disney

I’ll admit, I am a classic Disney movie fanatic. I enjoy the more modern movies as well, but nothing holds my heart like a good classic animation Disney film!

When I was putting my list together, this one was a little tough. There are a few movies out there that deal with denial, but nothing really came to mind quite like The Aristocats here.

More so, EDGAR! If you aren’t familiar with this film, I don’t blame you, well yes, actually I kind of do…it’s not one of your more well-known Disney films, but it is definitely one you should check out when you can!

We have Duchess, our Mama Kitty with her adorable and somewhat obnoxious kittens, Berlioz, Marie, and Toulouse. Living the high life, enjoying the finer things.

When Madame calls upon her lawyer to write her will, Edgar, the butler…who has been there through thick and thin for this woman overhears that she is leaving her entire fortune to…the CATS! – I don’t blame her one bit, those are her babies, but I think it’s slightly impractical.

Photo Credit: Disney

Edgar, in complete denial to accept the fact that he won’t be getting any of that sweet coin, decides to drug the feline family and dump them far away from home, and I mean, can you really blame him? He has done nothing but wait on this woman and her cats hand and foot…and he gets zilch?!

Well, it all turns out fine in the end…no spoilers, but the smooth-talking, handsome Thomas O’Malley comes along, and the adventure on the way home begins.

Stage Two – Anger

Movie – Wreck-It Ralph

Photo Credit: Disney

Look, I get it…wrecking the town was all that Ralph knew how to do, it was how he was programmed, then that smug little Felix guy with the hammer would come along, fix it all up, and everyone would all get their happy ending.

I can totally sympathize with Ralph and why he was angry.

I’d be pretty angry too if I was just doing my job and everyone hated me for it, or maybe I would get a different job…but, that wasn’t an option, and neither here nor there at this point, what’s done is done.

Photo Credit: Disney

I know, I got ahead of myself there, I feel very passionate about this one, as anger is one of the most common emotions, feelings, and reactions…especially when we can’t control certain aspects of our lives. I feel Ralph was totally in the know.

But, in the end, he teams up with Venelope, saves the day, becomes the hero, and is the bringer of the happy ending in the…well, end.

  • Also, shout to one of my favorites, Alan Tudyk who voices King Candy!

Stage Three – Bargaining

Movie – Hercules

Photo Credit: Disney

Bless my Soul!…because I am seriously about to sell it just for this quarantine to be over!

Princess Meg – one of my favorite characters, she don’t take no…lip… – was the first to come to mind for our good old friend, Bargaining.

We all know the story, Herc was on a roll…gaining momentum, gaining attention, but not always the good kind. Sure, Meg (even though she won’t say it, at least out loud anyway) was definitely in love with him, and how can you not be?

Just look at those…dimples!

Photo Credit: Disney

Hades on the other hand, was not having any of it…not happy with the new kid in town, he set out to destroy him, sending his lackeys Pain and Panic, who constantly screw everything up, and just can’t catch a break…until…one success, that also eventually foils, but it wouldn’t be a Disney movie if the hero didn’t win in the end, amiright?!

I’m totally right.

This is another one of those movies that I feel is underrated and a DEFINITE must watch. It has some of the best songs, characters, and story. I’m not just saying that because I’m obsessed with the whole Mythology thing, it really does shine bright, and deserves to be recognized.

Stage Four – Depression

Movie – Dumbo

Photo Credit: Disney

Not gonna lie, had to check which stage number I was on. Good thing I wrote them all down!

So, going back to me being a Classic Disney fanatic, Dumbo is my ALL TIME FAVORITE. When I worked for Disney and transferred into attractions in Fantasyland, I was so happy that I was stationed in Storybook Circus. I would be able to make Dumbo fly!

While the days were long, the nights could get cold…I would trade a day of quarantine to make him fly one more time!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, there are a few Disney movies that could be associated with the fourth stage, Depression. A few that I threw around, our honorable mentions if you please:

  1. UP – If you didn’t cry within the first 5 minutes of this movie, you have no heart. Just sayin’.
  2. Wall-E – I’m going to admit, I haven’t seen this one, but I have heard enough about it to know that it sounds pretty depressing.
  3. Bambi – Oof…all I have to say about that one.

Dumbo holds a special place in my heart, because he is just the cutest, and he really takes on his role after being RIPPED AWAY FROM HIS MOTHER ALL BECAUSE SHE WAS TRYING TO PROTECT HIM FROM SNOT NOSED KID WHOSE PARENTS SHOULD HAVE BEEN WATCHING IN THE FIRST PLACE!!

Whoa, whoa…sorry, let me reel that in a little. Once again, just a little passionate about this storyline, but stay with me on this. What is more depressing than having your child taken from you and getting locked up for being ‘mad,’ when all you’re doing is protecting your own?

All Mrs. Jumbo did was give the kid a much needed, much deserved spanking…pulling on that poor baby’s tail when he is just minding his own business.

Photo Credit: Disney

To this day, I can’t hear “Baby Mine” without bawling, such a fantastic scene. Thanks to Timothy, Dumbo gets to visit his mom and be held and rocked. Even thinking about it makes me tear up, so let’s move on.

It all worked out for him in the end, because of course it does, but he found his courage, and he flew his way right into our hearts, where he will stay FOREVER!

Stage Five – Acceptance

Movie – Beauty and the Beast

Photo Credit: Disney

I can honestly say that I have not hit the Acceptance stage of this whole ordeal that has been forced upon us. I’m not sure many have, especially with the way traffic was when I had to make my emergency run to Walgreens for milk…long story for another time.

I chose Beauty and the Beast for this stage as I feel it is one of the movies that teaches acceptance in a broader light. Not only is it acceptance for your current situation, but also acceptance of those around you who are different.

This was almost my choice for Anger, because Beast was AN-GRY! Another one that I can’t really scoff at, even though he brought it on himself, and I’m glad he learned a lesson about how to treat people and not be such a punk.

We all know this one…boy likes girl, girl despises boy because he’s nothing but a big bully. Father goes missing on a trip to the fair, is found by girl, who takes his place in…QUARANTINE. That is some love there! Father is ripped away, seriously what is it about Disney just ripping children from their parents?

Photo Credit: Disney

Back to the point…where the magic happens. Beast begins to change a little, and girl accepts him for who he is, not how he looks…not gonna lie, I think I prefer him as the Beast over human Prince Adam.

Not sure what that says about me, but I’ll make sure to discuss with the therapist I will so desperately need once this is all said and done with.

What Disney movie are you turning to during these challenging times? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Great article! It seems Disney can speak to any situation that we face.

    My favorite movie is Brave. Merida refused to accept her fate and set out to change it, any way she could. And of course, as the mother of three daughters and one granddaughter, I understand the mother/daughter struggle all to well.

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