Full Body Workout For The Busy Mom

Don’t have time to workout?

I know as a fact that being a mom can take most of our time.

And the least thing you have time for is to workout, but I have a routine to help you take care of that part without being a hustle.

In this 10 minute routine, you can work your legs, arms, core, shoulders, heart, and lungs all at the same time. Yes, it’s not easy, but it gets great results.

Who doesn’t have 10 minute in 24 hours? If your answer is still “I don’t have time” then you need to check how you’re using your time 😉!!

Check out these simple exercises to get you started!

Full Body Video 1

Get on plank position wrist under the shoulders, thumbs inward and do push ups for 20 seconds. Modify by getting on your knees.

Full Body Video 2

Change arm position by pointing your elbows out to do push ups.

Full Body Video 3

Arms wide proceed to do push ups for 20 seconds.

Full Body Video 4

Resistance band are gonna help us work our biceps. Just step on the resistance band, hips width apart. Arms 90 degrees keep it next to your waist and the other one goes up to shoulder down to thighs for one minute. Always remember to do the same repetition on the opposite side.

Full Body Video 5

Corks screw-military press to work shoulders and core, full extension press over your head, stand on one foot to hepl you work the core for 30 seconds.

Full Body Video 6

Triceps kickback throws step on resistance band extend one leg behind you, elbows don’t move, extend arms behind you and forward. Always repeat on the other side.

Full Body Video 7

Over head throws keep elbows next to your ears.

Full Body Video 8

Band crunch. Place the band over your feet an around. Round your back as you go down and sit up straight at the top, bend your knees and keep toes off the ground. Repeat for 60 seconds.

Full Body Video 9

Repeat the same move but without the band.

Full Body Video 10

Deep seats, feet together go up and down for 20 seconds.

Full Body Video 11

Legs are wider and deep seats for 20 seconds.

Full Body Video 12

Rocking iso lunge , step on the band, front knee bend, keep the band in front of your arms, lunge go back and forth, up and down then press over head. Repeat for 60 seconds.

Full Body Video 13

Then place both hand on hips, feet wide, knees over ankle. 60 seconds.

Full Body Video 14

Cyclone, feet should be shoulders distance or one in front of the other. Start with both arms straight up and move clock wise to work your core, tuck the pelvic. After 30 seconds go other direction.

Full Body Video 15

Get on plank and step up, you can speed it up and add a push up if you want.

Do you prefer full body workouts? Let us know in the comments below!

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