Getting Relief From “Mom Injuries” With Pilates

Yesterday, I saw a post on Instagram of a mom I met through that platform where she was sharing a before and after picture of herself. It wasn’t showing her improvement but the opposite. She had lost all of her improvement after she had to take a break from her exercise routine. Surprisingly, this was due to an injury suffered from lifting her twin boys!

This is a reality for many moms. Many of us suffer from back, neck and joint pain from lifting, bending and twisting as we do activities with our kids. However, there is a way to get relief from all of these issues and that is with “Pilates.”

Pilates has been proven to be:

  • Great for killer abs and core strength
  • Good workout for your entire body
  • Perfect rehab for back pain
  • Gives you a great backside
  • Improves your posture
  • Places no pressure on your knees and joints
  • An exercise for everyone ( you can have the little ones do it with you)
  • Boosts your mental health and improves focus and concentration.

Check out these simple exercises to get you started!

Pilates Series Warm Up

Hands directly under the shoulders and knees directly under hips, extend your right arm and left leg. Exhale when lifting inhale when you tap. Repeat the same move on the opposite arm and leg.

Make sure you sit with your spine straight up and rotate from your torso. As you inhale and exhale.

Side Series

Do each move for 10 seconds if you lay down on the right side first, make sure that after completing the moves you flip to the left side and do the same exact same series of moves ten seconds each.

On this series you to work your booty you lay down on your side you can rest your head on your hand or you can lay all the way flat.
Stack tour feet, flex them and bring it 45 degrees in front of you. Flex forward count to 2 point your toes back count to 2

Your tummy is tight, so you don’t rock back and forward. Then pedal in big circles as if you were riding a bike.

Change the direction you’re pedaling this time of circles backward.

Point the toes as if mixing a bowl. Then reverse the direction, still pointing the toes.

The last one on this series is a big circle and then changes direction.

Core Series

Start in a contracted to back position arms are up and as you lift drive your knee up alternating. Exhale as you lift!

Start in plank position then rotate and tap your hips as you exhale return to the center when switching to the other side.

Put your hands together for in a 🔼 place it under your tailbone, extend your legs. position your heels together so your toes point out. Then lower your legs and lift. Only go as low as you can, while keeping your lower back pressed into the ground.

Start on a ball extend your legs and arms out lift your shoulders from the floor and tuck your chin, then if you can lower your legs and pulse for two. Inhale for two, exhale for two. While counting till 💯

Make Scissor with straight legs, one leg up and one leg down you can either grab behind the thighs, at the calf or at the ankle. Head, neck, and shoulders are off the ground and do a double pulse on each leg. Exhale as you pulse.

Start on a plank position, engage your core look a couple of inches in front of your fingers and step side to side.

Lay on your stomach, extend your arms, your toes stay down. You are gonna exhale as you lift and rotate. Do it for ten seconds then rest for 3. You can do three series of it.

What other workout routines do you like to do at home?

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