Exploring Disney’s Behind The Seeds Tour at Epcot

Are you a fan of Living with the Land at Epcot’s Land Pavilion? Is this informative boat ride a must- do every time you visit Epcot? Then consider signing up for this behind the scenes tour of the Living with the Land attraction on your next Epcot visit.

About The Tour

The Behind The Seeds Tour is an hour excursion that takes you backstage of the popular attraction Living with the Land. Small groups of about 15 people are led by a very knowledgeable tour guide.

Check in takes place at the Land Pavilion, where you are given a name tag and a Whisper listening device. This device works wonderfully since the area backstage can be a bit loud. We were able to hear our tour guide Sara perfectly with our ear piece.

You are then led into the Biological Control lab where you learn all about the “good” bugs who get released into the greenhouse to eat the “bad” bugs. This was a nice way to start our exploration as it got my daughter interested and already asking questions.

The tour then progressed outdoors, giving us a peek into the Biotechnology Lab through a large window.

The Greenhouses

Once everyone got a peek, we proceeded to enter the first greenhouse. This is where the remainder of the tour takes place, as you walked through all the greenhouses that you see on the actual Living with the Land attraction.

We could see the boats full of guests floating by as our tour guide led us through the greenhouse. There are four different greenhouses throughout the tour.

Our tour guide shared so many details about the different growing methods that are used in the greenhouses. You are able to ask questions and take photos as well.

I loved being on this side of the attraction getting to take a close-up look at many of the fruits and vegetables that are used around the restaurants in Epcot.

Make sure you take a second to appreciate what an amazing plant Stanley is while you’re here. This sensitive plant is called a Mimosa Pudica and closes its leaves when touched. It had been a long time since I had seen one and enjoyed interacting with it.

There were also a few fun activities along the way which the kids and adults both loved.

One of them including tasting slices of cucumbers that were grown there. Sara also explained how they have Mickey Mouse molds that are used to make cucumbers grow in that shape. These are then served on special occasions such as Mickey’s birthday celebration, etc.

A handout was also given to the guests in the group explaining how you could make a Hydroponic Gro-Tank at home with an aquarium. This was incredibly interesting and something I looked forward to trying at home.

As the tour continued, we were offered water from water coolers located throughout and an opportunity to sit down on a bench as our tour guide continued sharing more details about the greenhouses.

The fish farm was probably one of my daughter’s favorite part! It was neat being able to see all the fish you pass by on the boat ride up close.

Not only that, but everyone was given the opportunity to feed the fish. The kids loved this and of course, so did the fish! Hand sanitizer is available nearby as well.

From here you continue to an open space where you find a table set up in the middle.

Here everyone gets a chance to learn about spices and take photos with the black pepper tree shaped like Mickey.

The kids had so much fun here trying to guess the spices.

This was the last stop of the tour. You are able to take a moment for photos before turning around and following the tour guide back the same way you came in.

Overall Thoughts

I truly loved the tour. I was honestly a bit worried that my daughter would not be interested at all but was amazed at what a great job they do to keep the kids interested.

Keep in mind that this is mostly a walking tour but again, they do provide a chance for a rest in between as well as water.

The length of the tour is great as well, especially since there are no bathroom breaks throughout the tour but you can inform the tour guide if you need to step out during the tour.

If you love the Living with the Land attraction, have an interest in gardening, or would like to get an idea of how a Disney World tour works, for the low price point and length, I definitely recommend it.

The Behind the Seeds Tour is $25.00 for adults and $20.00 for children. Discounts are available and reservations can be made by calling (407) 939-8687. For more information visit the Walt Disney World website.

Have you done the Behind The Seeds Tour or have any questions on it? Let us know in the comments below!

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